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Update of installed wind and solar capacities

Update of installed wind and solar capacities: Beyond statutory provisions German Transmission System Operators have updated the installed capacities for wind and solar energy units. Compared to the previously published figures, the capacities in Germany for wind energy rise by 3.6 per cent from 25,972 MW to 26,911 MW and for solar energy by 55.6 per cent from 11,134 MW to 17,320 MW.

The degree of coverage for statutory publication requirements increases thus from 89.73 per cent to 90.20 per cent. Hereby, the reference value for the coverage rate from Bundesnetzagentur’s Monitoring Report is for the first time not taken into account in an unchanged way as it is based on 2009 figures. For the future it will be checked case by case whether newly reported generating capacities are part of the 2009 figures. If this is not the case, those new capacities are added to the previously known value of 152.7 GW (updated: 160.0 GW). This affects particularly newly erected conventional power plants and installed generation capacities from wind and solar.

The update of the wind and solar energy capacities as well as their simultaneous consideration in the reference value for the coverage rate provide an improved picture of the actual German fundamental situation.