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PRESS RELEASE: Austria’s Electricity Companies publish Power Plant Data on EEX Transparency Platform


Austria’s Electricity Companies publish Power Plant Data on
EEX Transparency Platform

Ten reporting companies – 98,81 % coverage in the field of power plant data right from the
outset – APG reports wind data – Mandatory reports supplemented by voluntary reports –
Important step for Europeanisation of platform

Berlin, Dortmund, Vienna, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Bayreuth, 25 July 2011 – In the context of
the implementation of statutory requirements the publication of fundamental data regarding
the generation of electricity for Austria on the neutral “Transparency in Energy Markets“
( platform was launched on 22 July. At the same time, the
existing voluntary publications by Austrian power plant operators are expanded significantly.
The Austrian power plant operators reporting on the platform include the ten following
companies – Energie AG, EVN AG, KELAG, TIWAG, Verbund Hydro Power AG, Verbund
Thermal Power AG, Vorarlberger Illwerke AG, Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG, Wien Energie
GmbH – and the Austrian transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid AG.

The new reporting companies were connected quickly and without any problems. Under the
patronage of Oesterreichs Energie, which represents the interests of the Austrian electricity
industry, the power plant operators managed to implement the necessary technical
preconditions and processes for data reporting within a period of only a little more than three
months. Moreover, the fact that the transparency platform is designed so as to ensure that
reports from other countries can be added easily constituted a further factor for the success
of the project.

On the EEX transparency platform generation data is published promptly. Power generating
plants with an output of more than 100 MW are subject to a statutory reporting requirement
with regard to this. Moreover, further important data from the field of generation is published
on the platform on a voluntary basis. This data comprises a high percentage of generation
data from smaller generating facilities.

“As early as upon the launch of our reports we are able to provide almost 100 percent of the
data required by law on the EEX transparency platform“, explains Mag. Thomas Karall,
Commercial Director of Austrian Power Grid AG, and is satisfied with the development of the
project. “Moreover, we have already reached a degree of coverage of more than 67 percent
in the field of voluntary data. In view of the specific Austrian structure of the competition with
its many companies of diverse sizes, this is a particularly satisfying success.” The degree of
coverage indicates the capacity reported on the platform in relation to the entire installed
capacity for the generation of power in Austria.

The information published by the Austrian companies, e.g. regarding the installed capacity,
planned and unscheduled non-usabilities of power plants and the planned and actual
generation of power is supplemented by information, which is reported by Austrian Power
Grid AG (APG) regarding the feed-in from wind energy.

“Through the expansion of the platform by Austria we have gathered experience and further
optimised processes so that the next step towards an expansion into a European platform
will become even easier“, explains Dr. Christoph Mura, Chief Operating Officer of EEX AG,
and sees the platform well prepared for the future.

“Transparency in Energy Markets“ is the central and neutral platform for energy market
data which fulfils the statutory publication requirements and implements voluntary
commitments of the market participants. The transparency platform for generation and
consumption data ( was established by EEX together with the
four German transmission system operators - 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Amprion GmbH,
EnBW Transportnetze AG und TenneT TSO GmbH – and the Austrian transmission system
operator Austrian Power Grid AG, which is also responsible for the reports by VKW-Netze
AG. The platform is developed further and expanded in co-operation with the associations
Oesterreichs Energie, BDEW, VKU, VIK and the Federal Network Agency. EEX is in charge
of the operation of the platform, which comprises plausibility checking, anonymisation,
aggregation and publication of the data reported, in addition to support for the reporting
companies and users. Currently, 29 German and 10 Austrian companies submit data to the

50Hertz Transmission GmbH
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Austrian Power Grid AG
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EnBW Transportnetze AG
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