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Updated Data and new calculation of Data Coverage Rates


Updated Data and new calculation of Data Coverage Rates: As routine, transmission system operators updated the installed capacities for generating units smaller than 100 MW for the statutory section on 15 November.

Beyond the legal requirements, the figures contain almost all conventional units smaller than 1 MW. This was so far only the case for renewable energy units which are covered by the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). Moreover, the extension of the transparency platform to Austrian data allows a better overview and a correct mapping of power plants with physical location in Austria and effective in-feed in or balancing through Germany to the respective German control area. The transparency and knowledge of the effective fuel mix in Germany and Austria continue to improve.

The data coverage rates increase from 91.55 to 93.29 per cent for Germany and from 98.81 to 100.00 per cent for Austria. The data coverage is calculated as ratio of the installed capacities reported to the platform (reported data) and the sum of the effective installed capacity. It currently amounts to 93.99 per cent (92.32 per cent) for the joint German-Austrian market area.

Calculation of data coverage rates is based on the below shown figures (MW).