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Correction for update notifications

Correction for update notifications: Routine plausibility checks of the so far around 70,000 reports on the transparency platform have in some individual cases demonstrated a faulty allocation of update reports. In these cases, the notification of planned and unplanned non-availabilities led to the parallel publication of the original and the updated value. Around 300 mandatory reports of EnBW are affected in the period of time October 2009 until July 2010. The so-called voluntary  reports are not affected hereby.

Owing to this knowledge the internal reporting routine at EnBW was further optimised in order to ensure that this is completely excluded in future when updating the availability reports. All necessary adjustments to the reporting routine were made in intensive cooperation with EEX as the operator of the transparency platform and the relevant reports were updated subsequently. In order for new reporters to also benefit from this experience, the gained knowledge will be incorporated into the report manual in which the reporting processes on the transparency platform are described in detail.

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