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Decommissioning of nuclear power units

Decommissioning of nuclear power units: The four operators E.ON, ENBW, RWE and Vattenfall Europe submitted today the last data for those nuclear power units that are concerned from the decommissioning obligation of the revised Atomic Energy Act (Atomgesetz).

For this purpose the duration of all previous non-usabilities, which applied to the future, have been shortened to the day before the law entered into forced (06.08.2011, 12:00 am). Hence, 6 August is the first day without any further data for the units concerned.

EEX takes the decommissioning to adjust the figure for the total installed capacity in Germany by the value of the closed nuclear units. The preliminary new figure is 152.27 GW. The degree of coverage has decrease slightly to 91.01 per cent.

A more comprehensive calculation of the installed capacities and the degree of coverage is made on 17 November in the course of the expected update of installed capacities by power plant operators and transmission system operators.