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EEX welcomes VW Kraftwerk GmbH as new generation data provider


EEX welcomes VW Kraftwerk GmbH as new generation data provider: Today, VW Kraftwerk GmbH has started to provide generation data to the platform “Transparency in Energy Markets“. EEX welcomes VW Kraftwerk GmbH as 29th data provider in aggregate and 19th data provider for the statutory publication requirements. Therewith, data for the scheduled and actual power production as well as planned and unplanned non-usabilities of the industrial sector are for the first time publicly available. VW Kraftwerk GmbH operates a conventional power plant with a total installed capacity of 281 MW.

EEX calls upon other industrial generating companies from Germany and Austria to support an improved level of transparency by implementing statutory reporting requirements or voluntary publications.

Due to this contribution, the coverage rate of the transparency platform for statutory publication requirements increases from 90.83 to 91.01 per cent (this equates 145.6 GW of the total installed capacity of 160.0 GW).