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Update of coverage rate

Update of coverage rate: The coverage rate of the transparency platform for the statutory publication requirements decreases temporarily from present 92.67 to 80.53 per cent. The coverage rate is the result of the ratio of provided data for generating capacities and the installed capacities in Germany.

Following an information from Federal Network Agency, the entirely installed generating capacity in Germany amounted to 152.7 GW in 2009. This corresponds to an increase of four per cent compared to the figure of 2008 of 147.1 GW. For the calculation of the coverage rate the different but in energy accounts often applied figure of the available generating capacity at the time of annual peak load has previously been used. The point in time when the annual peak load occurs is usually in winter months. The available generating capacity at the time of annual peak load in 2008 was 132.7 GW and accounted for a coverage rate of 92.67 per cent.

Therefore, the temporary decrease of coverage rate consists of the statistical effect of the change of denominator and the increase of the installed capacities from renewable and conventional energy resources. The coverage rate will rise again with the data provision by further generation companies in the next months.