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Updated Data and New Calculation of Data Coverage Rates (QIV/2012)


Updated Data and New Calculation of Data Coverage Rates (QIV/2012): German and Austrian transmission system operators have updated the installed capacities for wind and solar power units for the statutory section of the transparency platform on 15 November. At the same time, single figures were adjusted for conventional generating units smaller than 100 MW in the control areas of 50Hertz, Amprion and TransnetBW due to new available data.

Compared to 15 August 2012, the installed capacities for wind power in Germany changed from 29,518 MW to 30,042 MW and from 1,185 MW to 1,072 MW for Austria. The installed capacities for solar power rise from 25,895 MW to 28,194 MW in Germany and from 118 MW to 176 MW in Austria. The decrease of the installed wind capacities in Austria has its reasons in the replacement of continuously determined figures by settlement figures.

The updated generation unit list as published by BNetzA is used as reference (last update: 9 November 2012).

Due to these updates, data coverage rate changes from 95.20 to 95.77 per cent for the German statutory section and remains at 100.00 per cent for Austria. The data coverage is calculated as ratio of the installed capacities reported to the platform (reported data) and the sum of the effective installed capacity. It currently amounts to 96.18 per cent for the joint German-Austrian market area.

Calculation of data coverage rates is based on the below shown figures (MW):

Data coverage rate Q IV 2012