Technical Status Messages

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Technical Status Messages

The following are technical status messages:

Incidents: Unplanned events on the part of the reporting company or of EEX, which lead to flawed reporting data or reporting data which is published with a delay, are referred to as incidents. The reasons for such include, in particular, IT-technology malfunctions during the submission of the message by the reporting company or malfunctions of the platform on the part of EEX.

Maintenance Windows: Scheduled maintenance activities, which – usually temporarily –cause incomplete (missing) reporting data or reporting data which is published too late, are referred to as Maintenance Windows. Maintenance Windows are scheduled activities (e.g. on account of updates), which can take place both on the part of the reporting company and on the part of EEX.

Incidents and Maintenance Windows are published forthwith.

Technical Status Messages

Messagetype Messages Last Update

      • 12014/08/28, 03:54 pm

      • 12014/08/28, 03:54 pm

      • Planned non-usability of generating units of ≥ 100 MW12014/08/28, 03:54 pm

      • Filling level12014/09/03, 01:30 pm

      • Information on non-availabilities of power storage units12014/08/28, 03:54 pm